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​About us

​​ABCON A/S produces and sells high quality lubricating oil additives, which improve the performance of engines and machines. The products also reduce the environmental impact from the operation of such engines and machines.

The company was founded in June 2000 by Jorgen P. Beyer, who by that time had 30 years’ experience in the oil industry. In 2005 ABCON A/S started producing products specifically developed for use in the maritime industry. In close cooperation with leading Danish shipping companies unique products for use in specific applications were designed. This has led to the current ABCON MARINE series of products.

It is our aim to work closely together with our customers in order to obtain maximum benefit from the use of the products. Likewise it inspires us in our development of new products

​If you have a problem with a leakage or you want to know more about the areas, which can be successfully treated, please contact our experienced staff who can draw upon experience from more than 400 vessels from tugboats to VLCC's.​


ShipServ Tradenet ID: 71925


Ved Klædebo 9

DK-2970 Hørsholm


VAT: 10025753


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