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B Series – EAL products

These days legislation in the USA and the EU are demanding environmentally acceptable lubricants on sub-sea equipment, such as stern tubes and thrusters. The legislation limits which additives can be used and how much. Because of this ABCON® has made a full product line of Stop Leak and wear reducing additives based on environmentally acceptable lube oil (EAL).

​The Bio degradable oil based version called B Series. It is available with both saturated or unsaturated oil. The ABCON B Series was developed in cooperation with customers and subsequently tested on their vessels. ABCON B Series can stop leaks while making sure that the vessel continues to comply with both the US EPA VGP and the EU Ecolabel.

EPA Rules

If the additives weren’t based on biodegradable oil, then the vessels would not comply with the 2013 EPA VGP. If you have any questions or need a written guarantee of compliance, please contact ABCON at info@abcon.eu

How it works

Our specifically designed teflon particles form a barrier in the gap between the rubber seal and shaft surface.

All our products are delivered as a concentrated paste which results in a lower product price and lower transportation cost. It also makes it easy to handle by the staff on board which ensures that the vessel doesn’t lose time on its schedule.

ABCON has delivered the B series since 2010 to vessels in the US and other parts of the world.


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