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Cruise Vessels

ABCON MARINE has different additives that stops leaks or reduce the risk of having them. The clear benefit from using ABCON is that it is much less time-consuming and our products can be managed by the vessels own crew. The vessel doesn’t lose time on its schedule. Our product can simply be shipped by air as non-dangerous goods to anywhere in the world on short notice.

There are several causes of leak for cruise vessels such as fishing lines pulled into seals, sand and other impurities damaging the seals when passing through shallow waters (In harbors and rivers for example). ABCON MARINE Stop Leak additives can when added at 5-10% (by volume) stop leakages within hours.

ABCON has for years successfully delivered Stop Leak additives to more than 100 vessels per year. This is our proof of quality. 

See Stop Leak additives.

ABCON MARINE+ additives in the lube oil leads to lower friction and hence to lower wear. An added benefit is a lower risk of a future leakage. See MAINTENANCE products.

ABCON MARINE additive assortment consists of 22 specialized products for numerous applications on board such as stern tubes, thrusters, stabilizers, steering gear, gears, hydraulic cranes and other hydraulic equipment.

Further Interest:

ABCON MARINE Multi Lubrication Paste increases wear resistance on multiple areas and ABCON MARINE SEAL PROTECT+ increases the lifetime of seals. See also under “Other Products”.​


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