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Other Products

ABCON MARINE has a strong history and profound knowledge when it comes to reducing wear and tear through our ABCON MARINE+ products.

Teflon is known as the material that provided the lowest friction. It is a widely-used material in numerous industries to reduce wear which is why it was only natural for ABCON to develop teflon based marine products. The result has been additives that are extremely efficient at reducing wear and tear and thereby lowering maintenance cost.

All products are developed in close corporations with some Danish shipping lines and the products are tested on board their ships before they were put on to the market.


When assembling systems with rubber seals on moving parts a much higher protection can be established by using SEAL PROTECT+. Even at longer stand still it maintains its full lubricity capability and therefore reduce the risk of damaging the seals at start up. SEAL PROTECT+ is a complex teflon based lubrication paste, which provides long-term lubrication of components that are otherwise difficult or impossible to lubricate after initial assembly.


HYDRAULICS+ is a teflon based wear reducing additive. When adding a small volume to the existing lube oil it reduces the friction between mating surfaces especially where there is metal to metal contact e.g. pumps.

The smaller teflon particles impregnate the metal surfaces which leads to reduced friction and thus wear.


Leaking hydraulic systems can easily be treated by adding a small volume of HYDRAULICS SL to the system.

The high content of complex particles produces a barrier when they pass the leaking seal area such as the moving cylinders. The effect is that the leakage is dramatically reduced or even stopped.


The TRANSMISSION+ product is a gear oil additive for treatment of gearboxes and transmission systems where the systems oil is gear oil. TRANSMISSION+ with teflon offers maximum lubrication and anti-wear protection to the gear and bearing surfaces of all types of gears (helical, spur and worm drive).

The smaller teflon particles in TRANSMISSION+ when subjected to pressure and temperature, impregnate the friction surfaces thus reducing friction even at start up after lay-up periods. The larger teflon particles, which circulate with the gear lubricant will create a cushion between gear surfaces, thereby strongly reducing gear pitting. This cushion effect is also important because it reduces noise caused by minor irregularities of mating surfaces, which are responsible for the very common “period noise”.

TRANSMISSION+ has the benefits of reducing friction and thereby reducing operation temperature, improves extreme pressure protection. It reduces friction and thus extents components life, reduces risk of oil leaks and results in a quieter operation.


Oil spill from gear boxes can be reduced or be eliminated by adding a small quantity TRANSMISSION SL to existing lube oil. Lube oil often leak from small openings in the gear box such as where the shafts go out or along the lines where the box is assembled. Due to the content of special shaped particles in TRANSMISSION SL the leaking gap will soon be filled and a barrier is established.

In addition, the capabilities of TRANSMISSION+ are applicable to adding TRANSMISSION SL.


The ABCON MARINE MLP is a Multi-Lubrication Paste for use in assembling in all places, where you need extremely high film strength, adhesion and protection. MLP does not harden with age, and protect exposed components against rust and other corrosion; even aluminum in contact with stainless steel will be protected. MLP protects well against seawater.

Its benefits are that it functions at up to 250 degrees Celsius. It makes it easier to disassembly the machinery even after long time and it offers a high degree of residual lubrication.

It reduces risk of seizing and it reduces wear and tear. It also protects against corrosion.

ABCON MARINE-MLP – Numerous Applications

Here are some of the various applications for ABCON MARINE MLP. For engines, it can be used on:

  • Valve spindle and seals
  • All bearings and surfaces
  • Hinge pins and hatch bolts
  • Exhaust system and hot bolts
  • Engine assembly
  • Threads (particularly those to be torqued)
  • Treads, bolts etc. which are exposed to seawater

All ABCON additives are easy to handle and can be applied by own staff on board the vessel

For information about studies and detailed product info please contact ABCON by e-mail: sales.dk@abcon.eu


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