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​Leakages in the oil systems often occur unexpectedly and where repair facilities are not around. However, an immediate solution to your problems is ABCON’s STOP Leak additives for systems using engine oil, hydraulic oil or Bio oil as a carrier.

More than 400 vessels have already had the advantage of an ABCON MARINE-STOP LEAK treatment.

ABCON STOP Leak products address:

  • Stern tube leakage
  • Thruster and controllable pitch propeller leakage
  • Leakages in hydraulic systems

ABCON MARINE STOP Leak additive range consists of 12 different products covering a variety of applications.

ABCON MARINE THRUSTER is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate leakage from seals in major hydraulic systems such as rotating and tunnel thrusters, CPP’s (controllable pitch propeller) and similar systems.

ABCON MARINE HYDRAULICS SL is ideal for eliminating leakages in traditional hydraulic systems.

The full line Bio STOP Leak additives all comply with the US 2013 EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable when added in mixtures of 1:10 or below.


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